Welcome to OpenBACH

OpenBACH is a user-friendly and efficient benchmark to configure, supervise and control your network under test (e.g. terrestrial networks, satellite networks, WAN, LAN, etc.). It provides an efficient modular structure to facilitate the additions of new software tools, monitoring parameters, tasks, etc. The benchmark is able to be integrated in different types of equipments, servers, clients, hardware and software with minimal adaptation effort.

This platform has been promoted by CNES (French Space Center) as a reference open-source software tool within its research and development studies and activities in the domain of satellite network communications systems. OpenBACH has been developped in order to be complementary to OpenSAND, the satellite network emulator.

OpenBACH overview

OpenBACH provides an easy and flexible way to perform engineering tests in the satellite and terrestrial network communication systems. The objectives of the OpenBACH benchmark are:

  • Provide a research and engineering tool able to validate network and service innovative functionalities.
  • Provide measurements points and analysis tools for performance evaluation

The OpenBACH documentation provides a list of all the available features.

OpenBACH has been implemented using the following open-source solutions:


Moreover, several common networking tools are also embedded within the OpenBACH Jobs.

Benchmark functions

OpenBACH design

OpenBACH is based on 4 components:

  • The Controller centralizes and deploys the configuration functionalities of OpenBACH as well as the jobs/scenarios to be launched.
  • The Collector collects all the statistics, data, logs/errors and other messages requested for supervising the benchmark in a centralized way.
  • The Agents are deloyed in the different end network entities (work stations, terminals, etc.), middle entities (server, proxy, etc.) that are supposed to be controlled by OpenBACH, or even in the same entities where the Controller and Collector are deployed. The Agents control (schedule/launch/stop) the jobs within a network entity according to the Controller commands, and collect the local stats/logs sent by these jobs.
  • The Auditorium centralises the frontends/web interfaces of configuration and monitoring (logs and statistics) of the bechmark.

The OpenBACH philosophy, terms and licences

OpenBACH provides a suitable and simple means for performance evaluation and innovative validation techniques. Its ability to interconnect real equipments with real applications provides excellent demonstration means.

Owing to its modular design and implementation, the OpenBACH benchmark platform is able to help managing enginnering tests in a realistic and flexible way.

The source codes of OpenBACH components is distributed “as is” under the terms and conditions of the GNU GPLv3 license. The OpenBACH images are licensed under the CC0 license.

The intention of the OpenBACH Steering Commitee is to facilitate its use and encourage contributions, improvements and perpetuation of OpenBACH for the benefit of the whole OpenBACH Community.

OpenBACH goal

The major key drivers for this platform are the following:

  • Simply operable
  • Simplicity in design – allowing fast development
  • Flexibility – allowing to simply adapt to specific needs
  • Upgradeability – allowing to simply add specific functionalities
  • Offering various measurement points
  • Available on low-cost equipment
  • Documentation