The bugtracker is currently hosted on the github repository from the Net4Sat platform.

Existing OpenBACH bug's reports

Reporting a problem

If you think you found a bug in the library, please follow these rules before opening a new bug:

  1. If unsure whether your problem is a bug, ask on the mailing list first.
  2. Ensure you use the latest release of your branch. If not, install the latest version and try to reproduce the problem with it. If you failed to reproduce the problem, but you still want to open a bug, mention it in the ticket.
  3. Search for a similar bug report. If unsure whether a bug report is similar, ask on the mailing list first.
  4. Open your bug on the OpenBACH bugtracker with the following information:
  • the module in which the problem occurs,
  • a short summary of your problem,
  • the source release(s) which cause the problem ,
  • your operating system (eg. Ubuntu 16.04, ...),
  • the steps to reproduce your problem (or the steps that caused the problem if you failed to reproduce it),
  • if relevant, the traces printed in Kibana/Ansible (or in /var/log/),
  • if relevant, the process core.