Related tools and Jobs

OpenBACH is capable of performing tasks on different distant Agents thanks to the Jobs.

A Job is defined as a number of individual tasks to be executed in a sole Agent. A job might be able to launch/configure other existing software tools (e.g. ping/iperf), configure OS parameters and/or collect/generate statistics. Therefore, the Job might include an existing tool in order to controle the tool, parse its output, compute statistics and/or many others tasks. This is done in order to adapt the tool to the needs of OpenBACH and/or to the target benchmark depending on the needs of users.

OpenBACH jobs can be found on the OpenBACH repository and on the OpenBACH extra repository :

  • OpenBACH - Admin jobs: Core administration jobs for internal OpenBACH use
  • OpenBACH - Core jobs: Minimal Metrology jobs which are embedded in the installation. Supported by OpenBACH team
  • OpenBACH Extra - Stable jobs: Stable jobs supported by the OpenBACH team that are not installed by default but easily added to your platform.
  • OpenBACH Extra - Experimental jobs: Experimental jobs that have been used but not supported (they may have bugs).